Nissan's #1 Volume Dealer in the Country Nissan of Garden City. AMERICA'S LARGEST NISSAN DEALER!

At Nissan of Garden City, we believe that our success is due to how we treat our guests. A quality oriented, full service automotive dealership, Nissan of Garden City is proud to be "America's Largest Nissan Dealership" because we are committed to owner loyalty and provide the resources to completely satisfy our guests' needs. Here at Nissan of Garden City, the success of our team hinges on respect, honesty and integrity. Whether it be for sales or service we want our customers to experience the difference that only happens when you work with the best.

The Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence is the highest award presented by Nissan North America to its Dealers. This award recognizes the top 10% of its Dealers from across the nation who have met the high standards of achievement that Nissan sets for its dealers.

It recognizes those Dealerships that embody the philosophy and vision for Nissan -- that is, to endeavor to provide our customers with an outstanding ownership experience, from the showroom through every aspect of the dealership. Scores for Dealerships are measured on a multitude of criteria including Nissan's Owner First survey, which is sent to each of our customers following the purchase of a new Nissan vehicle or service on their current Nissan. The Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence dealers are recognized for consistently living up to the high standards of excellence in sales and customer service satisfaction. We are proud to be an Owner First Award of Excellence for two years running and will continue to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction insuring that we will continue to be an Owner First Dealer.

* Worlds Largest Nissan Dealer based on 2012 total volume sales
* Year end report based on NNANET January 2013
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